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What an invaluable book for young adults leaving home for the first time! It's full of easy to read practical advice on a whole range of topics. Written in a warm and friendly manner the book assures parents that having your child fly the coop for the very first time need not be a traumatic experience for all concerned. Most people survive leaving home for the first time via a mixture of good luck and trial and error. I heartily recommend it and I wish we had had this book when my children were leaving home.

Rosemary Clarke MBE


A superb well written guide for anyone leaving home for the first time and for their parents too! So glad I purchased the book as my daughter is leaving home soon and it has highlighted some issues which we had not even considered! Thanks

Carole Carter


I purchased your new book as I am about to leave home to rent a flat for the first time. So glad I did as I had not realised some important points with regard to becoming a tenant, you have certainly put me on the right track! The book was worth every penny.

Mark Abbot



I don't usually feel inclined to write testimonials, but this book deserves one! Well written and good straightforward advice, a must for parents and youngsters alike!


Robert Bradley 



A super book which I purchased for my son who is leaving home for the first time and going to University. As a family we sat down and worked through your budget planning templates and found your guide to safety and health issues brilliant! and some we had not even thought about.This book should be in every youngsters case when they leave as it is a brilliant guide to have by their side.


Mark Adams



 I am looking for a place to rent and was getting very conflicting advice from friends as to what to look out for, spotted your book being advertised in my local shop! You have settled a dispute and have given me some solid guidance about what to look out for! Best £10.00 I have spent for a while. Thank you.

Ted Smart



 An absolute must for anyone who is about to leave home, purchased for a friend as a  present and had a 'peep' before giving it to her. I am sure it will give her the help she needs when embarking out on her first journey.


Anita Mantell

 I purchased your eBook on How To Buy A Property, and thank you, what a great book, lots of great advice and guidance a must read for anyone thinking of purchasing a property.

                                                                                        Ian Collett