Are You Leaving Home For The First Time?

Then this book is for you.



Whether you're off to university, renting or buying a property, leaving home for the first time is both exciting and a little daunting (and for your parents too). Suddenly you have to shop on a budget, cook for yourself, as well as a hundred and one other things you've probably not had to do before.

My book, Leaving Home For The First Time, is a complete survival guide written with you in mind. It's packed with information and tips to help you get to grips with mundane but important tasks, stay healthy, and keep safe. It's designed to help you enjoy your new life to the full.

 And parents - you'll find it an ideal tool to prepare your children for the challenges ahead of them so you won't have to worry as much. It's the perfect parting gift.

So what does it cover?

  • Planning and budgeting (complete with some great templates for you to use)
  • Where to find accommodation
  • Keeping fit and healthy
  • Easy to cook recipes
  • What to keep in your kitchen cupboard
  • What to keep in your fridge and freezer
  • How to find and register for a doctor and dentist
  • Safety in the home and outside too
  • Basic car maintenance
  • Top tips


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"What an invaluable book for young adults leaving home for the first time! It's full of easy to read practical advice on a whole range of topics from finding a place to live to registering with a doctor. Perhaps most essential of all it will help you plan and manage a realistic budget. I heartily recommend it and I wish we had had this book when our children were leaving home."

 Rosemary Clarke MBE - director of Bookstart and Bookgifting